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Secret Weapon in Clinton Campaign Strategy: Kill Bill

Just how far is Hillary Clinton willing to go to become the first female president of the United States? In my view, she has no limits. Yes, I suspect she would even go so far as to kill Bill. So while everyone is looking for Trump to be murdered, I say keep an on the former philanderer and chief. His death would be all too convenient for his spurned wife and, given his health problems, an all too reasonable outcome.

Let me add, however, that I don’t think killing Bill is the Clintons’ preferred option. It’s a Code Red plan, if things tank with her campaign. If she doesn’t fare well in the first couple debates with Trump, that’ll be the death knoll for Bill, especially if he continues to prove himself to be a greater liability than asset.

History of Murder, Mysterious Deaths

First, it’s important to remember that the Clintons have a well-established history of dispatching liabilities.

433Bill’s Health in Question

The stage for Bill’s departure is already set. Media has been reporting on how Bill just doesn’t have the energy and charisma he once had. Prior to this, long news programs were dedicated to his multiple bypass surgeries and extreme efforts to keep his delicate health in check. Some speculate he may have HIV.

Bill is a Liability

Bill’s recent appearances on Hillary’s behalf have often ended in failure. Clearly, he’s just not in touch with Democratic group think anymore. Plus, nearly every week some love child, mistress or victim is surfacing in the tabloids.

blii_clinton_for_first_ladies_man_3_inch_round_button-r7b37a5168b7647348b6c5110715276f7_x7j1f_8byvr_500‘First Lady’s Man’ Queasiness

Who wants a serial rapist as First Lady? Anyone? First Ladies have established associations with women’s groups. Will Bill really fill this role given his reputation as a notorious womanizer? And imagine the gossip: While Hillary works, Bill plays house.

Guilt by Association

Hillary tries to take credit for what she perceives as achievements during her husband’s administration, but in doing so she is also forced to answer for his failures. Which is greater depends on who you ask, I suppose. But much of the economic strife, globalism and criminality that the U.S. faces today can be unarguably traced directly to him.

He Owes Her

For all the girls he’s done before, Bill owes Hillary – bigtime.

Legacy Rationale

Hillary will reason that it’s a chance for Bill to go out on top, not decades later with obscurity but while the media spotlight and public interested is piqued. She’ll reason that she’s doing it for their daughter, her political future, and the political future of their Jewish grandbaby. After all, wouldn’t having mom as president pave the way for Chelsea’s launch into politics, creating a Kennedy-esque legacy for the family?

Media Coverage of the Death of a President

As with most departed presidents, like Nixon and Reagan, criticism would cease and fluffy, soft-focus, hours-long programs would be quickly crafted and aired around the clock. Programs would show Clintons in the White House with little Chelsea to evoke sentiments of voters and obligatory press coverage would be given to his achievements in office. Criticism would be muted or apologetic in tone.

The Grieving Widow as Strategy

Being politically incorrect is one thing, but attacking a widow is quite another. Bill’s death would strike a fierce blow to any strategy Trump may have of digging up Bill’s skeletons and attacking Hillary on a public stage. She would have her victim card and would use it every chance she got.

Image via The Spectator
Image via The Spectator

Kill Bill: When, Where, How?

Late summer or early fall would be ideal, say September. This allows time for full-court media coverage and sympathy rousing – but not so early that the sympathy phase passes and criticism resumes.

Of course, I can only speculate as to method. The easiest route would be for Bill die in bed, perhaps with a pillow over his head just like Justice Scalia.

The cause would be a heart attack and, like Scalia, there will be no autopsy, just a quick burial due to his well-known and documented history of health problems.


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