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Exits: Key Step in the Movement Toward Liberation from the Debt Enslavers


Bloomberg ran a poll back in April on the sentiment for EU exit referendums in Europe. At the time Italy was the mostly likely candidate. We should now skew these numbers higher to reflect for the closet nationalist phenomena and Brexit momentum.

Italy is one of the heavily debt-saturated countries that has flown under the radar. With a debt to GDP of 132%, Italy is in a debt trap. It has avoided its day of reckoning because it has a bankster mole, Mario Draghi, who runs the European Central Bank (ECB). Mario has arranged for the privately owned ECB to lard on a variety of Italian insolvent debt securities, including Italian sovereigns. If Italy were to exit, that corrupt Ponzi unit would be impacted. Therefore, new nationalists should work toward that end.


For Italy (or any debt trapped EU country), an exit would be much like when Germany refused to continue making Versailles Treaty reparation payments. New nationalists should take note of the familiar sequence of kicking-the-can-down-the-road restructurings in that period.

In 1924, an American banker named Charles Dawes outlined what came to be known as the Dawes Plan, a new reparations agreement under which U.S. banks such as J.P. Morgan issued bonds to private investors on behalf of Germany. But when the first batch of bonds came due in 1928, Germany again defaulted. So in June 1929, a new plan was enacted, floating more U.S.-backed bonds and reducing Germany’s payments to $28 billion paid out over 59 years.

After suffering a big Depression and horsing around trying to pay off and service bankster debt, a nationalist “less cooperative” party came to power in Germany and effectively carried out an “exit.” Despite all the predictions of doom, in 1933 Adolf Hitler unilaterally cancelled all reparations and Germany’s economy began to “miraculously” recover. This move was combined with kicking the central bank out of Germany and going with a Treasury issued, labor back currency.


This is one reason that nationalist or exit movements are being called “Nazis” and “racists” by the Cabal, its hack media and Crime Syndicate mouthpieces. It is also why people like (((Soros))) and (((Rothschild))) are predicting doom and damnation for those who dare to exit. History does repeat itself.

The example of Greece in the last few years illustrates why conducting Dawes-like debt restructuring doesn’t work. This also shows that left wing politicians tend to be in the pockets of bankster cabalists. Only the so-called right-wing parties in Greece and Italy are telling the Cabal to go f–k themselves in the manner of Germany in 1933. In reality, this is third-position politics — not right wing politics. Thinking third position nationalists should be supporting both exits and in the uproar liberation from the money masters a la Germany 1933.


Third-position nationalists should also bring in strong leadership that resists privatizations and asset seizures. In Greece, the Cabal stooges and “Dawes Plan” sell outs of the pseudo-left “Coalition of the Radical Left” (Syriza) and its right-wing populist allies, the Independent Greeks (Anel),  should be tossed out and replaced with the Third Position, Golden Dawn and other euro-skeptics. Spain’s leftist Podemos are just more rehashes of Cabal-owned Dawes Plan 2016. This will be a difficult struggle, and only these groups have the fortitude to try and stand up to the Cabal debt enslavers. There are also third-position socialists that we should ally with in this campaign, so it is important not to let the right-left Cabalist construct rule the narrative.

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