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Examining the Startling Gender Internals of the Austrian Election

Setting aside the likelihood that Austria’s close election was rigged, an examination of the voter profile is revealing and shocking to say the least. The election was pitted between a leftist, open border friendly party and one described as “far right” or nationalist. Utilizing ballot box fraud, the Left slithered in.

over 100% voter turnout in key leftist Vienna districts, click to enlarge

The left took the day with overwhelming support from women under 29, who offered 67% support. 42% of men in the same age group voted for the Left party. Although not as skewed, 59% of older women aged 30 to 59 supported the leftists. 63% of men 30 to 59 supported the “far right” candidate Hofer.


Is there some kind of biological or emotional reality at work here besides (((Cultural Marxism))) and (((feminist))) propaganda? In ancient times when tribes were overrun the men were often exterminated or conscripted never to be seen again. But the gene pool of women was absorbed and survived as an admixture of the conqueror. So conquest was not the end of the gene pool for conquered women like it is for men. Certainly most women will fight for their kin when there is clear and present danger, but the migration influx is more subtle.

Clearly if western civilization is to survive it is the men that need to take control of the situation. At least in Austria there are far fewer cucks than being seen in Germany and western Europe.

Mockery and for youth “the coolness” factor works far better than violence. We need to use mockery and image in the struggle.

effeminate cucks, not cool
masculine is cool: is needed to carry on the gene pool

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