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Deutsche Bank to be the Foil?

A few weeks ago, Crime Syndicate minions were holding special secretive meetings in Washington, D.C. We got not one word of explanation from any of those meetings. Suspiciously, the media failed to report any detail about them. Then the news (or lack of it) dropped out of sight.

In an environment of trickery and obfuscation, we have no choice but to theorize. So let’s connect more pieces to the puzzle.

Recall that Deutsche Bank confessed to collusion in the manipulation of precious metal prices. It also agreed to “turn state’s evidence”on the other major banks (aka playas) involved. Could this have violated the Omerta oath of these criminals? Could the meetings have been about covering up the crimes and dealing with the snitch?

Deutsche Bank has been a train wreck from the get go. Facing the end, DB may have decided to cooperate with some “law enforcement agency” they thought they could trust. Many speculate that DB may be the mutha lode of all bag holders on interest rate derivatives. And if there are rate hikes ahead, it’s duck-and-cover time. Therefore a rate hike might be the causa proxima to trigger the end game for DB and the next financial crisis.

Could the meetings have been about planning for this event so as to ensure Deutsche Bank is the fall guy and foil? This would have a major impact on taking down Germany, which is already reeling from traitors from within concerning its migrant crisis. This is more than a good foundation theory, it’s a likelihood.

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