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Open Online Revolt Against MSM Hoax Pressitutes

After the bridge-to-far hoax of the Roanoke shooting the natives are stirring. The Today Show put their version of the fully recovered Vickie Gardner post-surgery dog and pony show on the air. Then the network posted it to their You Tube channel- to howls of derision.  Here is the link to the Today Show video post. Note the skew of down-votes, and in particular note over two thousand critical comments.


Of course while you are at it, this is a fine opportunity to express your own displeasure. If you notice the bar area, there is a “more” tab. If you open this you will see a report function. This is what the thought police trolls use to suppress and take down truther videos and images.  It is called brigading. Well, here’s your chance for some put-on-notice pay back. I reported this video to You Tube as “misleading” and “fraudulent” as did many who made comments.

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My Israeli 9/11 art students post went viral. It is the most widely read post I have ever made. It was very active at Reddit. This is a debunker bunch and there is a lot of troll brigading there as well. The stakes are high on this one. This 9/11 article received numerous comments. There were some misdirection attempts, but by and large very little if any of the gas-lighting, shaming tactics commonly used. The truthers felt confident enough to come out. Come on in, the water is warmer. The trolls literally crawled into a hole as the storm passed over on this one, as well as the Gardner comments.

Although I admit being very disappointed with the trance state of the masses and the sheer audacity of the Crime Syndicate,  I can see definite signs that the hex or spell is lifting for more and more. These are battle victories in the war, and are good opportunities to lift the veil with others.

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